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Softubs offer advanced structural technology providing smooth, padded surfaces which are safe and comfortable as well as strong and resilient. No other hot tub can provide Softub’s advanced heating technology, which keeps your spa hot and ready to use without a separate heating source. Simple is better.

why Softub?

If you’d like to purchase a Softub, please visit our Denver Shop or give us a call at 303-466-5727 / 888-466-5727. 

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A Softub spa can be kept at 104º Fahrenheit and be used for 20 minutes every day, costing on average less than $10 per month!

“Joe provided above and beyond customer service. We love our Softub which is easier to maintain and a fraction of the cost of a traditional hot tub.”

Veronica C


Constructed with a solid foam core and wrapped in marine grade vinyl, this tub is meant to last. The sides can easily support the weight of a full grown adult without sagging. All Softub models come with five-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

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