Softub Models and Features


 Softub with product wall

Softub 300 Softub 220 Softub 140
Capacity/People: 1-6
Outer Diameter: 78″
Inner Diameter: 66″
Height: 27″
Number of Jets: 8
Water Volume – 300 gallons • Filled Weight – 2700 lbs.
Folding Lockable Lid
HydroMate II®
Therapy SeatLED Spa Lamp
Capacity/People: 1-4
Outer Diameter: 72″
Inner Diameter: 60″
Height: 24″
Number of Jets: 5Water Volume – 220 Gallons Filled Weight – 2000 lbs. Thermal LidHydroMate II®
Capacity/People: 1-2
Outer Diameter: 60″
Inner Diameter: 50″
Height: 24″
Number of Jets: 4Water Volume – 140 Gallons  Filled Weight – 1300 lbs.  Thermal LidHydroMate II®

Why Softub Common CentsWhy Softub?

Softubs offer advanced structural technology providing smooth, padded surfaces which are safe and comfortable as well as strong and resilient. No other hot tub can provide Softub’s advanced heating technology, which keeps your spa hot and ready to use without a separate heating source.

Portable and Easy Set Up

Softub spas roll right through any standard doorway. No elaborate sight preparation required. Can be set up both indoors and out. All Softubs can be plugged into a standard 120 Volt 15 Amp outlet using the cord mounted CFCI for electrical safety. Take it home, fill it up and plug it in.

Relaxation Health Benefits

With seating for up to 6 adults(Softub 300+) you and your family and friends can all enjoy the relaxing benefits of your own spa. Enjoy the comfort of soft, barrier free seating with up to 5-8 hydrotherapy / pulsating jets (depending on model. Just what you need when you need it in your own home.


Constructed with a solid foam core and wrapped in marine grade vinyl, this tub is meant to last. The sides can easily support the weight of a full grown adult without sagging. All Softub models come with five-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

Energy Efficient

Did you know that all Softub models are registered as energy-efficient appliances?

Softubs run on standard household electrical current. Typical costs are $10 – $20 per month depending on usage and local energy rates.

A Softub spa can be kept at 104 Fahrenheit and be used for 20 minutes every day, costing on average less than $10 per month!



Our quality Softub models cost a fraction to purchase and operate compared to large plastic hot tubs that have an energy-consuming electric heater running cost to maintain.

Our models range from $2500 to $4500 and include a 5 year warranty. Ask us about Reburbished models.

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