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softub testimonialMy husband and I have wanted a hot tub for years, but hesitated because we each know friends who are constantly spending money to fix theirs. We would also need a concrete foundation and an electrician to set one up. Plus running costs average $50-60 per month.

When we moved to the mountains, we started researching hot tubs. We were thrilled to discover a Softub allows us to put a hot tub on our deck, and plugs into a regular outlet. We also learned that the motor is separate, and light. It disconnects and can be carried into Softub of the Rockies local store.

Joe was helpful without applying any pressure to buy. We saw the different models and had our questions answered. Joe took the time to educate us on hot tub maintenance. Pricing for Softub’s largest model is much less than a traditional 4-person hot tub.

It’s large, comfortable, temperature option goes as high as 106 degrees, only costs about $12 per month to run, and best of all we can have it on our deck.

We love our Softub 300.

~Bryan and Veronica Cannady, Genesee Colorado