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Submersible Pump

This unique pump was originally designed for pool covers but is ideal for spas.

This powerful pump removes unwanted water from the spa or pool cover – fast! Pumps up to 300 Gallons per Hour! Pump is fully submersible, comes with a reusable foam inlet filter and a stabilizing base platform. It will remove water to within 1/8” of the spa – pool cover & comes complete with garden hose adaptor & 25 feet of power cord.

• 25′ Power Cord
• UL Listed
• Completely Submersible
• Standard Garden Hose Connection
• Easy Clean Reusable Replacement Filter


Price: $59.95

Spa Frog Mineral Sanitizer

Enhances the effectiveness of Softcare’s sanitizing system reducing the amount of chemical sanitizer needed. Lasts for 4 months.


Price: $43.95

303 Protectant Trigger Sprayer – 16 oz

100% prevention of UV caused slow-fade.

Powerful UV sunscreen surface treatment.

Protects spa & hot tub covers, vinyl, clear vinyl, rubber, fiberglass, plastics and finished leather.

Helps to minimize mildew problems by keeping surfaces clean and dry.

16oz bottle can treat hot tub/spa covers, dashboards, tires, interiors and so much more!

Price: $17.00

Softub Screw On Filter

OD: 6″
Top ID: Handle
Bottom ID: 1 1/2″ MPT
Length: 5 1/2”
Sq. Ft: 25
Cross reference:
Filbur/Unicel # FC-0305 / 6CH-25

Price: $39.95