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Softub... America's favorite lightweight, full-featured, portable hot tub for nearly 20 years. Softubs are easy to install and can be used indoors or outdoors. Softubs offer advanced structural technology providing smooth, padded surfaces which are safe and comfortable as well as strong and resilient. No other hot tub can provide Softub's advanced heating technology, which keeps your spa hot and ready to use without a separate heating source. Go ahead, you know you deserve it. Find detailed information on what a Softub is, the Softub product line and pricing and how to become a proud owner.

Care and maintenance hints, who to contact and where to go for servicing. Direct links to the recommended products to help alleviate your problem. It's all about keeping it clean and you happy.
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Order your Softub approved care and cleaning supplies online from Softub of the Rockies. Throw in a couple fun accessories to enhance your Softub experience.
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Information on, and images of, our Retail Warehouse in Metro Denver Colorado. Stop in for a look at a brand new Softub or Sauna. Pick up all your supplies and accessories today.
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